iGala Wireless Touch Screen Photo Frame

Now Available - Smart Touch Screen
Digital Picture Frame

 High-resolution touch screen

 Built-in wireless (Wi-Fi) connection

 Pulls your photos from Web, e-mail, more

Wireless Digital Picture Frame supports Flickr, Picasa, Gmail, RSS, Frame Channel, Windows Live Frame It
Sparkpad Open Linux Touch Screen Picture Frame

Get the Free SDK!

Use the free Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop your own app on our new
customizable wireless touch screen platform, Sparkpad. Sparkpad Open Linux Touch Screen Picture Frame

Wi-Fi Inside
iGala connects to the Internet through integrated wireless (802.11 b/g), providing "always on" synchronization with your photos stored on the Web or sent via e-mail.

Wifi Photo Frame
Supports USB and SD
Both USB flash drives and SD memory cards can be used to load photos on the iGala. And with 1GB internal memory, iGala can hold more images than you'll likely ever need: Up to 5,000.

USB and SD Memory
Customize iGala!
Now you can develop your own application on top of our platform using a free Linux-powered software development kit. Visit our new website, Sparkpad.com.

Linux Photo Frame
No Computer Needed
Everything on the iGala can be configured using the touchscreen keyboard, so you don't need a PC. Easily set up your e-mail account, wi-fi connection and more just by tapping the screen.

Touch Screen Keyboard