Praise for iGala

The iGala is looking to be one of the best digital picture frames on the market today. - Slash/Gear

The iGala is a sweet looking, cutting edge picture frame that’s sending the competition scrambling back to the drawing boards. - GonzoGadgets

We're blown away. Rarely do we gush so much over a product as with the iGala touch screen digital photo frame with wifi access. - CompareTheBrands

Discover iGala

The iGala digital picture frame is the world's most versatile picture frame. With a version of the Linux operating system at its core, iGala is built from the ground up to be flexible and open to various Web services for retrieving and displaying photos.

Features & Specifications

High-Quality Touchscreen
iGala sports a high resolution 800x600 color 8" LCD screen and features easy touch-screen controls.

Integrated Wireless Internet Connection
An internal wi-fi receiver (802.11b/g) provides an always-on connection via your wireless home network, ensuring your frame always displays the latest photos (or other information) from the Internet. This connection supports WEP encryption, too.

Web Synchronization
iGala connects to several popular services for retrieval of your photos stored online, including:

  • Flickr
  • Picasa

In addition, you can send pictures to the iGala using:

  • E-mail - iGala can be configured to grab pictures sent as attachments to a Gmail account. Just provide iGala with any Gmail account name and password, and it will regularly check for new images.

USB and SD Card Support
Images can be loaded onto the iGala using a standard USB flash drive or any size SD card.

Additional Specs

  • Powered by Linux
  • 1 GB internal memory (Room for about 5,000 images)
  • On-screen keyboard (No PC needed for setup)
  • MP3 playback
  • Clock and Alarm Function
  • 110V/250V AC Adapter
  • Auto Power Saving

For additional information or questions on the iGala or its product specifications, please visit our Support area.