Aequitas engineers continuously work to improve the software on iGala by adding features, fixing bugs, enhancing performance and more. Please check back with this page from time to time for the latest upgrade.

Starting from Version, iGala frame now automatically upgrades itself over Internet when new version for bug fix and feature enhancement is available. After a light & quick download (<20KB) in the background, the upgrade will take in effect next time you power off/on the iGala frame.

Here is a list of enhancements included in version

  • Support of WPA+AES & WPA2+AES
  • Addition of MP3 Playback under Music Manager
  • Faster read of images and files on USB/SD card
  • More accurate download status reporting
  • Picasa Support
  • Slide Show Transition Configuration
  • Support Foreign (UTF-8) characters from FrameIt
  • Automatic firmware update over Internet
  • Enhancement for convenient Picasa User ID and password input

Here is a list of bug fixes included in version

  • Fix for the shift key bug of the keyboard screen
  • Fix for the image distortion problem
  • Fix for the occasional Flickr photo deletion problem when Wi-Fi signal is weak
  • Fix for SD card reading problem
  • Fix for FrameIt collections insertion & synchronization failure
  • Fix for the FrameIt access error
  • Fix for the crash problem while access private albums in Flickr and Picasa
  • Fix for the FrameChannel Account reset failure

Manual Firmware Refresh for the Latest Version

Warning: All settings and stored images on you iGala frame will be erased with this firmware switch.

  1. Copy the following two files to a USB drive:,
  2. Change the name of file "" to "". Do NOT change or cut/paste its content!
  3. Notes: Please make sure the operating system didn't automatically unzip the file, or put a .txt suffixes to the file.
  4. Plug in the USB drive into iGala frame while it is on.
  5. The upgrade process will kick off automatically and should complete within one minute. You will hear an alarm sound when it is done.
  6. Power off/on the iGala frame and you are done!