When I add a set from Flickr to the frame it appears that it downloads many multiples of the pictures in the set. For example let's say I have 18 pictures in a Flickr Set. I add the Set and it starts downloading. When I check the system status and messages it will report, e.g., in the system information screen: "18 of 18 photos downloaded" but on the Flickr Information screen it will report, e.g., "784 out of 18 photos". In the photo manager, flickr folder, the thumbnails for the 18 photos in the set show up but then they repeat so that there are multiple screens of the 18 thumbnails, i.e., they repeat themselves many, many times. The frame no longer shows pictures in the gmail and In memory folder, I believe, because of the many multiples of the pictures that are now in the flickr folder. Thoughts?

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Nothing has changed since my initial post on this subject. I have one picture in Flickr for test purposes and when I download it does many many copies. BTW, I have downloaded the latest upgrade.

Bug discovered and fixed

We discovered a bug last night while researching this issue. It has been fixed in the recent update at http://i-gala.com/firmware.

The bug was caused when user double clicked (or tapped multiple times in short period of time) the checkbox "Include this folder in Slide Show".

Thanks for reporting this which led to the discovery and the fix!

Please contact us

The other user who had the same problem got fixed with a total firmware refresh. Not sure if you had tried that. If not, please email us at support@aequitech.com and our rep will email you an update for a total refresh.

If you have tried that and it is still downloading multiple sets, please also email us and we will exchange a new frame for you.


Anone out there had similar problem?

We have provided a full image refresh for this problematic frame. However, we want to confirm that this is a special case instead of a generic one.

multiple copies of images

I have the iGala version and have had the same multi image issue with BOTH Win Live FrameIt and Flickr. One picture in each location produces many copies being downloaded. The Gmail works fine. My memory stick works fine. My SDHC card does not work but I see that you are aware of that problem and have a fix in progress.

Please email support@aequitech.com

So that we can provide a full image refresh to fix this problem. We also want to gather more information on this to find the trigger to this problem. Thanks.