I've just updated to the new firmware and the frame fails to connect to frameit now. I have validated the RSS feed on my computer and verified the frame has a wifi connection and is connected. Flickr seems fine, just frameit is an issue.

Any thoughts?


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The update seems to have fixed the issue - Thanks for the quick response!

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Some UTF-8 character on FrameIt causes problem

Some category in FrameIt has UTF-8 characters in their titles and that causes iGala frame to reboot.

We are working on a fix to address this issue and mean time, please avoid using those categories with UTF-8 characters for now. We will release an update soon. Thanks.

Please upgrade to version 1049

Apparently Microsoft changed the RSS XML interface. Please upgrade to version 1049 at http://www.i-gala.com/firmware.

FrameIt services may not be stable this month

FrameIt is about to formally launch out of Beta this month. If you consistently experience the FrameIt connection issue, please email us at support@aequitech.com

A good way to test out if FrameIt service is running is by resetting the FrameIt on iGala and then set it again.