Please check the following items:

Please check the Gmail connection status at the Gmail tab of the Status window

  • During the Slide Show, tap the screen once. The Slide Show control screen will show up for 10 seconds
  • Tap the “!” button
  • Wait till the screen change to the screen of Gmail information screen and record the status information

Also, make sure your frame is connected to internet by check the IP address on the General status screen

  • In the Photo Manager, make sure the “Include this folder in Slide Show” in selected in Gmail
  • Tap the top left button on the Slide Show control screen
  • Tap the button “Photos”
  • Tap the button “Gmail”
  • make sure the “Include this folder in Slide Show” in selected

    Please do to send photos that are too big in resolution. Any photos that are finer than 800x600 will look the same on the frame but it will cost lots of CPU power and download bandwidth to download and convert them.

    you have to let the frame stay in the slide show for a while for it to initiate the download. No download will happen if you stay on the set up or photo manager screen.

    Also, photos need to be attached to email and any emails older than one month won’t be downloaded.

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