Does the iGala support custom/arbitrary RSS feeds (not just preset Flicker, Picasa etc.) such that it can display an image stream from any source, perhaps even a plain website (as Samsung wifi frames)?

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There was a reason why it was not done on the frame

Since images fed in from an external RSS feed can be of any format or sizes, they need to be downloaded, processed and converted if necessary. For instance, a large image could take a long while to download and to convert to the screen size.

DPFs are unlike a PC, its processing resource and memory space is limited. That is why we leave the heavy lifting to the web servers and let them pass the final images(JPG 800x600) to the frame.


Yup I realize that, however it doesn't seem to be a problem for i.e. the Samsung frame I have here. Would it at least be possible for me as a user, to write the feature I need as a plugin using the SDK?

Indirect RSS ingestion

Ah ok, I would call that indirect RSS ingestion then. I'm trying to find out whether I could buy a pile of iGala frames and have them consume a private feed on a LAN but it doesn't sound like it.

Direct RSS supported via FrameIt or FrameChannel

Direct RSS Feed ingestion is supported by FrameIt or FrameChannel. iGala users can use one of them to get direct RSS support.

Umm apart from the fact that

Umm apart from the fact that FrameChannel does not support all counties (i.e. mine), I would be dependent on having a live internet connection both to 1) manage the RSS subscription as well as 2) bringing the data itself out on the device. As I said, I need direct classical RSS consumption (not through a service/proxy and not nessesarily over a WAN). From the rather vague replies, I am going to conclude the iGala does not support this. Too bad.