Does the igala comes with a SDK software to do new applications with it?

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Simple API?

Could you please do a simple remote-control RESTful API?

My thinking is the frame would run a very simple HTTP server. All I'd need would be something like:


Where the HTTP payload would be an appropriate image (for the first call) or audio file (for the second). Implementing GET for those two resources would be nice, as they'd let me check the state of the thing, but that's not really necessary.

Very unfriendly to remove my reply

Apparently you don't allow consumers to help each-other and will silently sensor information you don't like! This is a rude behavior that actually makes me want to write a public blog entry about modding the iGala frame, which you can not just delete. Would you at least have the courtesy to inform me what I am not allowed to write?

It is not me

We recently moved our server from to and your post was lost during the database transfer. We only actively remove posts that are obvious spams. Other posts, regardless good or bad, white or black, stay as they are. Sorry about the missing post and please repost it if possible. Or, let us know and we will try to retrieve it from archive (not guaranteed to be successful).

SDK of the current version is only released to certain partners

It involves LUA programming and may present a learning curve for most people.