my frame produces strange 3-seconds noise about every 2 minutes. This is accompanied with rapid blinking of red diode on the back of the unit (it is actually inside, but light leaks through a hole). Sound is somewhat similar to old HDD access -- quiet, trrrrr-r-r-r, like reading head jumping around the disk :-). Sorry -- can't explain better.

- Is it normal/expected?
- What is it? (I have a theory -- it has to do with the fact that at that moment frame download images and writes them to memory). Is there micro-HDD in this frame?

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Hmm. We will find out.

Forwarded this question to the hardware team.

It is normal.

This noise is normal and won't affect the frame's operation in any way. It indicates the wifi module is busy doing network activities.

Why wifi module emits sound? and how?


Why wi-fi module emits sound when working? I can't imagine any possible cause and I am curious -- there should be no moving parts, no high voltage (to force solenoid wires to vibrate), etc...

How often it is supposed to do that? (mine does practically every single slide change)

It is slightly annoying when frame is standing on a surface that amplifies that noise (e.g. glass stand). Plus functionally unnecessary red-light blinking (coming from inside the frame) is well-visible if you look at the back of the frame.

But otherwise this frame rocks! It took me couple of weeks to find it -- this name is simply drowning in the sea of mediocre products (and each one claims to be 'wifi'... or internet-connected)