If you are already in the Photo Manager USB/SD screen, you can try to tap some other screen (like Flickr or Gmail) and tap back to USB/SD screen. That should trigger a card detection.

The following USB drives and SD cards are not supported by the iGala frame:

  • Some early generation USB drives, which are usually more than 5-6 years old and not bigger than 256MB.
  • SDHC cards
  • For those USB drives and SD cards that contains massive file structure and large image files, you can also try powering off/of the frame and then insert the USB/SD card again.

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    Firmware Fix coming in a week

    We recently discovered a problem with our SD card driver, which will cause some brands of SD cards be unreadable. Stay tuned and we will release a fix within a week. Thanks for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.

    Version released

    Most of the SD card reading issue should be fixed in this version. However, there are still cases where some SD cards can't be read. We are scheduled to have a solution for those cases by early February.

    Stay tuned

    We are still running regression testing on this fix.

    USB not recognizing thumb drive

    I am having problems getting it to recognize a USB thumb drive. It's an 8MB drive purchased last year so it isn’t very old. I’ve tried to install the new firmware as described but that doesn't work either. Everything else seems to be working but when I start up the IWP808 and then insert the thumb drive it never recognizes the thumb drive. Any thoughts on how to fix this? thanks.

    A-Data My Flash 8GB Card

    Product is verifying if iGala is compatible with this kind of USB flash drive. As one of the newer large volume drive, this one is not on our tested list.