my igala shuts off for no apparent reason. the autopower feature is enabled properly, and ive set the clock to the correct time as well.

anyone else here experiencing this issue? is there a quick work around?

ive also upgraded my firmware to with no noticable affect regarding this problem.


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igala powers down for no reason

I was having trouble with this when I would tell my frame to power on at 5 PM (before I get home) and power off at 2 AM (after I'm in bed).

I think the system is confused because technically my power-off time is *before* the power-on time ... there's not a way to say 2 AM *tomorrow*.

That is a very good point

We will put this into consideration of next firmware release.

Please check your AM/PM setting

Please go to Menu->Alarm screen and make sure your clock setting, especially the AM/PM setting is correct.

Then go to Menu->Setup->PowerSave screen and set the power on time from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM. Pay close attention to the AM/PM button here again.

powering down

I was having the problem of the unit powering down for no reason after we had set the PowerSave setting. We tried different time settings, double checked the AM/PM but nothing would make it work. I just set the time settings you suggest, but is there no way to use the PowerSave feature? This was it is only off for one minute.

Try some different Power Save settings

If it works for 12am to 11:59pm, could you please try setting the Power On time from, for instance, 8am to 8pm, just to check if the frame will turn off be 8pm and resume on 8am?

If you touch the screen while the frame is asleep, it will wake up. Let us know if it works out.

Same issue here...

I'm having this very same issue. After trying to set the PowerSave settings, the frame pops up with a "Powering down in 5 seconds" warning after each picture. I made sure the time is correct under the Alarm settings. I didn't want to set an alarm though, so I left that unchecked. Last night, I set the frame to power on at 5:00am, and then power down at 12:00am (midnight), and then immediately thereafter is when the power down warning started popping up.

Just a few minutes ago, I set it to power on at 11:25am, and then power down at 11:30am (the current time was about 11:20am). After I changed the settings, the frame powered down, then it powered back on right at 11:25am, and then it powered down right at 11:30am. So it appears the feature definitely works, however, why does the frame insist on powering down immediately? It's 11:35am in the morning now, so if I set it to power on at 5:00am, is it going to stay powered down all day, until tomorrow morning at 5:00am?

Now that I think about it, last night when I changed the settings, I left them as they were before going to bed (power on at 5:00am, off at midnight); but when I checked the frame this morning, it had not powered on.

Set the midnight to 11:59 pm

The software has the limitation of not being able to go across date. So when you set it to 12:00am, that is before 5am on the same day. You can set it to 11:59pm which should solve the problem.

We will release a firmware upgrade in the future to provide the cross-date intelligence.

That did it!

The frame is working perfectly now, thanks!