Reading through the user manual it is not clear if images from FrameIt will automatically be displayed in the slideshow or if you need to manually select a category to display them.

Another question is: Is the FrameIt content is continuously retrieved after it is setup?

I would like nothing more than a frame that can display the content of an RSS feed of images, and do so in a 'set it and forget it' manner. If iGala can retrieve RSS feed content (via FrameIt, Framechannel or whatever) and will simply display the images, then re-check the RSS feed for new images to display once in a while (polling period) I will order one of these in a heartbeat!

It's amazing how many wifi frame manufacturers make this difficult...A simple task - Retrieve RSS, display, loop. I think you guys 'get it' but I'd love confirmation that it can indeed do this before ordering.


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Yes and Yes

Yes, for every FrameIt Channel, you have the option (a checkbox) to include or exclude its photos in the overall slide show. This checkbox is selected by default. You can also view the slide show of each individual channel only.

Yes, all the content images of Flickr, Gmail and FrameIt are periodically updated once every 5-15 minutes depends on the amount of photos you have on the frame. All changes you made on flickr.com or FrameIt.live.com shall appear on the iGala frame shortly.

To be fair to other frame manufacturers, it is difficult to do, not the sync part, but to make it under 300 dollars. :)

Amazing - Thank you very much

Amazing - Thank you very much for the response!

I really love the commitment to the product and your customers that I see here and I will be purchasing a frame and recommending it to my friends.

Great job, keep it up guys!