Some flickr usernames are easily added to my frame's settings, but others I get a "Flickr username not found" error. For instance, I can get this feed:

By asking for username "snorgy" but I can't get this feed:

When I ask for username "hughes_leglise" in the settings.

FWIW, I think most/many of the usernames that I can't load happen to have accents or other extended characters in their "real names." But I'm not sure.


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user name "Hughes Léglise-Bataille" contains a foreign character

Apparently, letter "é" caused the problem for the 2nd URL. We don't have the keyboard to enter foreign character at this time.

We are looking into it

Thanks Gabe. We are looking into this problem and could release a firmware upgrade if needed.


Thanks guys, I appreciate it. It's funny 'cause the username is all ascii, it's that the "real name" of the flickr user causes trouble.

There are some really awesome photographers in France and Norway I'd love to add to my frame. :)

New FrameIt version release

There is another bug that some user failed to add new FrameIt collection to iGala, which will be fixed in the upcoming release in 2 days.